Émergences (2023 film)


Émergences movie in which An animated adaptation from Misérable Miracle by Henri Michaux (1956), on his experiences with mescaline.

Émergences Overview

Category Animation
Production company Miyu Productions (FR) , New Deer (JP) , ONF | NFB (CA)
Original language ja
Runtime 0.1 Hour
Release date 2023-09-17


Émergences - FAQ

What is Category of Émergences ?

Category of Émergences is Animation

What are the Production companies of Émergences ?

Production companies of Émergences are Miyu Productions (FR) , New Deer (JP) , ONF | NFB (CA)

What is the Original language of Émergences ?

Original_language of Émergences is ja

What is the Run time of Émergences ?

Run time of Émergences is 0.1 Hour

What is Release date of Émergences ?

Release date of Émergences is 2023-09-17

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