El monte (2022 film)

El monte

El monte movie in which A father and son, isolated in a dilapidated country house, try to survive a hellish summer. Between hunting days and campfire nights, the son begins to perceive a strange connection between his father and the nature that surrounds them. An ancestral secret is about to be revealed.

El monte Overview

Category Thriller
Production company Werner Cine
Original language es
Runtime 1.45 Hour
Release date 2022-08-18
Spoken language Español
Rating 65%
Vote Count 4


El monte - FAQ

What is Category of El monte ?

Category of El monte is Thriller

What is the Production company of El monte ?

Production companies of El monte is Werner Cine

What is the Original language of El monte ?

Original_language of El monte is es

What is the Run time of El monte ?

Run time of El monte is 1.45 Hour

What is Release date of El monte ?

Release date of El monte is 2022-08-18

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