The Big Hit (1998 film)

The Big Hit

The Big Hit movie in which Affable hit man Melvin Smiley is constantly being scammed by his cutthroat colleagues in the life-ending business. So, when he and his fellow assassins kidnap the daughter of an electronics mogul, it's naturally Melvin who takes the fall when their prime score turns sour. That's because the girl is the goddaughter of the gang's ruthless crime boss. But, even while dodging bullets, Melvin has to keep his real job secret from his unsuspecting fiancée, Pam.

The Big Hit Overview

Budget 13 million
Category Action , Adventure , Comedy , Thriller
Production company TriStar Pictures (US)
Box office 27.007 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.517 Hour
Release date 1998-04-24
Spoken language English
Rating 58.43%
Vote Count 372


The Big Hit - FAQ

What is Budget of The Big Hit ?

Budget of The Big Hit is 13 million

What are Categories of The Big Hit ?

Category of The Big Hit is Action , Adventure , Comedy , Thriller

What is the Production company of The Big Hit ?

Production companies of The Big Hit is TriStar Pictures (US)

What is the Box office collection of The Big Hit ?

Box office Collection of The Big Hit is 27.007 million

What is the Original language of The Big Hit ?

Original_language of The Big Hit is en

What is the Run time of The Big Hit ?

Run time of The Big Hit is 1.517 Hour

What is Release date of The Big Hit ?

Release date of The Big Hit is 1998-04-24

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