El Ucumar (2022 film)

El Ucumar

El Ucumar movie in which A group of biologist search for evidence of an unseen southamerican bear. There, they hear about the local legend of a bear-man known as the ucumar.

El Ucumar Overview

Category Horror , Fantasy
Production company Cabustra Arts
Original language es
Runtime 1.433 Hour
Release date 2022-11-17
Spoken language Español
Rating 20%
Vote Count 1


El Ucumar - FAQ

What are Categories of El Ucumar ?

Category of El Ucumar is Horror , Fantasy

What is the Production company of El Ucumar ?

Production companies of El Ucumar is Cabustra Arts

What is the Original language of El Ucumar ?

Original_language of El Ucumar is es

What is the Run time of El Ucumar ?

Run time of El Ucumar is 1.433 Hour

What is Release date of El Ucumar ?

Release date of El Ucumar is 2022-11-17

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