Sanctified (2022 film)


Sanctified movie in which An outlaw is rescued from death by a nun who is traveling through the Badlands. She nurses him back to health in exchange for him guiding her to a Church in Williston. A deep friendship develops between these two unlikely people as they learn to work together to survive their dangerous journey.

Sanctified Overview

Category Drama , Western , Thriller , Action , Adventure
Original language en
Runtime 1.367 Hour
Release date 2022-09-30
Spoken language English
Rating 60%
Vote Count 1


Sanctified - FAQ

What are Categories of Sanctified ?

Category of Sanctified is Drama , Western , Thriller , Action , Adventure

What is the Original language of Sanctified ?

Original_language of Sanctified is en

What is the Run time of Sanctified ?

Run time of Sanctified is 1.367 Hour

What is Release date of Sanctified ?

Release date of Sanctified is 2022-09-30

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