Los bastardos (2023 film)

Los bastardos

Los bastardos movie in which An epic about one of the most turbulent times in the recent history of the Buenos Aires suburbs. In this context, a group of idealists emerges who are specifically called: "The bastards."

Los bastardos Overview

Category Action , Thriller , Crime , Drama
Original language es
Runtime 1.9 Hour
Release date 2023-03-30
Spoken language Español
Rating 63%
Vote Count 19


Los bastardos - FAQ

What are Categories of Los bastardos ?

Category of Los bastardos is Action , Thriller , Crime , Drama

What is the Original language of Los bastardos ?

Original_language of Los bastardos is es

What is the Run time of Los bastardos ?

Run time of Los bastardos is 1.9 Hour

What is Release date of Los bastardos ?

Release date of Los bastardos is 2023-03-30

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