Pil (2021 film)


Pil movie in which Pil, a little vagabond girl, lives on the streets of the medieval city of Roc-en-Brume, along with her three tame weasels. She survives of food stolen from the castle of the sinister Regent Tristain. One day, to escape his guards, Pil disguises herself as a princess. Thus she embarks upon a mad, delirious adventure, together with Crobar, a big clumsy guard who thinks she's a noble, and Rigolin, a young crackpot jester. Pil is going to have to save Roland, rightful heir to the throne under the curse of a spell. This adventure will turn the entire kingdom upside down, and teach Pil that nobility can be found in all of us.

Pil Overview

Category Animation , Adventure , Fantasy , Comedy , Family
Production company TAT Productions (FR) , SND (FR) , France 3 Cinéma (FR)
Box office 6.814 million
Original language fr
Runtime 1.483 Hour
Release date 2021-08-11
Spoken language Français
Rating 66.83%
Vote Count 161


Pil - FAQ

What are Categories of Pil ?

Category of Pil is Animation , Adventure , Fantasy , Comedy , Family

What are the Production companies of Pil ?

Production companies of Pil are TAT Productions (FR) , SND (FR) , France 3 Cinéma (FR)

What is the Box office collection of Pil ?

Box office Collection of Pil is 6.814 million

What is the Original language of Pil ?

Original_language of Pil is fr

What is the Run time of Pil ?

Run time of Pil is 1.483 Hour

What is Release date of Pil ?

Release date of Pil is 2021-08-11

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