Вторжение (2020 film)


Вторжение movie in which Two years after the fall of the alien ship, the life of a young woman from Moscow has been changed forever. Her growing powers are now at the focus of both human and celestial investigation: an alien force takes an interest in her, and will stop short of nothing, including an invasion. Can love and compassion save humanity, when faced with a much greater and more demanding test this time?

Вторжение Overview

Budget 8.819 million
Category Science Fiction , Drama , Action
Production company Cinema Fund (RU) , Art Pictures Studio (RU) , Vodorod Film Company (RU)
Box office 32.104 million
Original language ru
Runtime 2.15 Hour
Release date 2020-01-01
Spoken language Pусский
Rating 69.44%
Vote Count 726


Вторжение - FAQ

What is Budget of Вторжение ?

Budget of Вторжение is 8.819 million

What are Categories of Вторжение ?

Category of Вторжение is Science Fiction , Drama , Action

What are the Production companies of Вторжение ?

Production companies of Вторжение are Cinema Fund (RU) , Art Pictures Studio (RU) , Vodorod Film Company (RU)

What is the Box office collection of Вторжение ?

Box office Collection of Вторжение is 32.104 million

What is the Original language of Вторжение ?

Original_language of Вторжение is ru

What is the Run time of Вторжение ?

Run time of Вторжение is 2.15 Hour

What is Release date of Вторжение ?

Release date of Вторжение is 2020-01-01

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