Mary Poppins (1964 film)

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins movie in which Mr Banks is looking for a nanny for his two mischievous children and comes across Mary Poppins, an angelic nanny. She not only brings a change in their lives but also spreads happiness.

Mary Poppins Overview

Budget 6 million
Category Comedy , Family , Fantasy
Production company Walt Disney Productions (US)
Box office 103.082 million
Original language en
Runtime 2.317 Hour
Release date 1964-12-17
Spoken language English
Rating 75.69%
Vote Count 4350


Mary Poppins - FAQ

What is Budget of Mary Poppins ?

Budget of Mary Poppins is 6 million

What are Categories of Mary Poppins ?

Category of Mary Poppins is Comedy , Family , Fantasy

What is the Production company of Mary Poppins ?

Production companies of Mary Poppins is Walt Disney Productions (US)

What is the Box office collection of Mary Poppins ?

Box office Collection of Mary Poppins is 103.082 million

What is the Original language of Mary Poppins ?

Original_language of Mary Poppins is en

What is the Run time of Mary Poppins ?

Run time of Mary Poppins is 2.317 Hour

What is Release date of Mary Poppins ?

Release date of Mary Poppins is 1964-12-17

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