Skjelvet (2018 film)


Skjelvet movie in which A geologist races against time to save his estranged wife and two children when a devastating earthquake strikes Oslo, Norway.

Skjelvet Overview

Budget 6.3 million
Category Action , Drama , Thriller
Production company Fantefilm (NO)
Original language no
Runtime 1.767 Hour
Release date 2018-08-31
Spoken language Norsk
Rating 67.94%
Vote Count 661


Skjelvet - FAQ

What is Budget of Skjelvet ?

Budget of Skjelvet is 6.3 million

What are Categories of Skjelvet ?

Category of Skjelvet is Action , Drama , Thriller

What is the Production company of Skjelvet ?

Production companies of Skjelvet is Fantefilm (NO)

What is the Original language of Skjelvet ?

Original_language of Skjelvet is no

What is the Run time of Skjelvet ?

Run time of Skjelvet is 1.767 Hour

What is Release date of Skjelvet ?

Release date of Skjelvet is 2018-08-31

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