My Girl (1991 film)

My Girl

My Girl movie in which Vada Sultenfuss is obsessed with death. Her mother is dead, and her father runs a funeral parlor. She is also in love with her English teacher, and joins a poetry class over the summer just to impress him. Thomas J., her best friend, is "allergic to everything", and sticks with Vada despite her hangups. When Vada's father hires Shelly, and begins to fall for her, things take a turn to the worse...

My Girl Overview

Budget 17 million
Category Comedy , Drama
Production company Columbia Pictures (US) , Imagine Entertainment (US)
Box office 59.49 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.717 Hour
Release date 1991-11-27
Spoken language English
Rating 73.72%
Vote Count 1897


My Girl - FAQ

What is Budget of My Girl ?

Budget of My Girl is 17 million

What are Categories of My Girl ?

Category of My Girl is Comedy , Drama

What are the Production companies of My Girl ?

Production companies of My Girl are Columbia Pictures (US) , Imagine Entertainment (US)

What is the Box office collection of My Girl ?

Box office Collection of My Girl is 59.49 million

What is the Original language of My Girl ?

Original_language of My Girl is en

What is the Run time of My Girl ?

Run time of My Girl is 1.717 Hour

What is Release date of My Girl ?

Release date of My Girl is 1991-11-27

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