16 Wishes (2010 film)

16 Wishes

16 Wishes movie in which The story about Abby Jensen, a girl who's been eager to reach her 16th birthday and has kept a secret wish list since she was a little girl. When the Big Day actually arrives, utter disaster strikes, leaving Abby to think her birthday is ruined. But when a mysterious box of magical birthday candles arrives to turn things around, Abby's 16 Wishes start to come true. Her day gets better and better...until she makes one wish that threatens to change everything.

16 Wishes Overview

Category Fantasy , Drama , Family
Production company MarVista Entertainment (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.5 Hour
Release date 2010-10-02
Spoken language English
Rating 62.97%
Vote Count 1225


16 Wishes - FAQ

What are Categories of 16 Wishes ?

Category of 16 Wishes is Fantasy , Drama , Family

What is the Production company of 16 Wishes ?

Production companies of 16 Wishes is MarVista Entertainment (US)

What is the Original language of 16 Wishes ?

Original_language of 16 Wishes is en

What is the Run time of 16 Wishes ?

Run time of 16 Wishes is 1.5 Hour

What is Release date of 16 Wishes ?

Release date of 16 Wishes is 2010-10-02

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