L'adolescente (1976 film)


L'adolescente movie in which A middle-age businessman marries a much younger woman, but is still carrying on with his sexy secretary. He somehow still has the energy, however, to lust after his wife's visiting young niece...

L'adolescente Overview

Category Romance , Comedy
Production company Hilda Film (IT)
Original language it
Runtime 1.533 Hour
Release date 1976-02-19
Spoken language Italiano
Rating 40%
Vote Count 3


L'adolescente - FAQ

What are Categories of L'adolescente ?

Category of L'adolescente is Romance , Comedy

What is the Production company of L'adolescente ?

Production companies of L'adolescente is Hilda Film (IT)

What is the Original language of L'adolescente ?

Original_language of L'adolescente is it

What is the Run time of L'adolescente ?

Run time of L'adolescente is 1.533 Hour

What is Release date of L'adolescente ?

Release date of L'adolescente is 1976-02-19

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