Amadeus (1984 film)


Amadeus movie in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a remarkably talented young Viennese composer who unwittingly finds a fierce rival in the disciplined and determined Antonio Salieri. Resenting Mozart for both his hedonistic lifestyle and his undeniable talent, the highly religious Salieri is gradually consumed by his jealousy and becomes obsessed with Mozart's downfall, leading to a devious scheme that has dire consequences for both men.

Amadeus Overview

Budget 18 million
Category History , Music , Drama
Production company AMLF (FR) , The Saul Zaentz Company (US)
Box office 51.973 million
Original language en
Runtime 2.683 Hour
Release date 1984-09-19
Spoken language English , Deutsch , Italiano , Latin
Rating 80.36%
Vote Count 3834


Amadeus - FAQ

What is Budget of Amadeus ?

Budget of Amadeus is 18 million

What are Categories of Amadeus ?

Category of Amadeus is History , Music , Drama

What are the Production companies of Amadeus ?

Production companies of Amadeus are AMLF (FR) , The Saul Zaentz Company (US)

What is the Box office collection of Amadeus ?

Box office Collection of Amadeus is 51.973 million

What is the Original language of Amadeus ?

Original_language of Amadeus is en

What is the Run time of Amadeus ?

Run time of Amadeus is 2.683 Hour

What is Release date of Amadeus ?

Release date of Amadeus is 1984-09-19

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