Payback (1999 film)


Payback movie in which With friends like these, who needs enemies? That's the question bad guy Porter is left asking after his wife and partner steal his heist money and leave him for dead -- or so they think. Five months and an endless reservoir of bitterness later, Porter's partners and the crooked cops on his tail learn how bad payback can be.

Payback Overview

Budget 90 million
Category Crime , Action , Drama
Production company Icon Productions (US) , Warner Bros. Pictures (US)
Box office 161.626 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.667 Hour
Release date 1999-02-05
Spoken language English
Rating 68.34%
Vote Count 1619


Payback - FAQ

What is Budget of Payback ?

Budget of Payback is 90 million

What are Categories of Payback ?

Category of Payback is Crime , Action , Drama

What are the Production companies of Payback ?

Production companies of Payback are Icon Productions (US) , Warner Bros. Pictures (US)

What is the Box office collection of Payback ?

Box office Collection of Payback is 161.626 million

What is the Original language of Payback ?

Original_language of Payback is en

What is the Run time of Payback ?

Run time of Payback is 1.667 Hour

What is Release date of Payback ?

Release date of Payback is 1999-02-05

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