Barbie Mariposa (2008 film)

Barbie Mariposa

Barbie Mariposa movie in which Elina, heroine of the Fairytopia films tells her friend Bibble the story of Flutterfield, a faraway kingdom populated by fairies with butterfly wings. Henna, the evil butterfly fairy has poisoned the queen of Flutterfield in an attempt to take over the kingdom.

Barbie Mariposa Overview

Category Animation , Fantasy , Family
Original language en
Runtime 1.25 Hour
Release date 2008-02-26
Spoken language English
Rating 68%
Vote Count 478


Barbie Mariposa - FAQ

What are Categories of Barbie Mariposa ?

Category of Barbie Mariposa is Animation , Fantasy , Family

What is the Original language of Barbie Mariposa ?

Original_language of Barbie Mariposa is en

What is the Run time of Barbie Mariposa ?

Run time of Barbie Mariposa is 1.25 Hour

What is Release date of Barbie Mariposa ?

Release date of Barbie Mariposa is 2008-02-26

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