गजनी (2008 film)


गजनी movie in which A man suffering from anterograde amnesia as a result of a violent attack in the past sets out to avenge his girlfriend's death with the aid of photographs, notes and tattoos all over his body.

गजनी Overview

Budget 9.1 million
Category Action , Romance , Thriller
Production company Geetha Arts (IN)
Box office 76 million
Original language hi
Runtime 3.1 Hour
Release date 2008-12-25
Spoken language हिन्दी
Rating 69.89%
Vote Count 348


गजनी - FAQ

What is Budget of गजनी ?

Budget of गजनी is 9.1 million

What are Categories of गजनी ?

Category of गजनी is Action , Romance , Thriller

What is the Production company of गजनी ?

Production companies of गजनी is Geetha Arts (IN)

What is the Box office collection of गजनी ?

Box office Collection of गजनी is 76 million

What is the Original language of गजनी ?

Original_language of गजनी is hi

What is the Run time of गजनी ?

Run time of गजनी is 3.1 Hour

What is Release date of गजनी ?

Release date of गजनी is 2008-12-25

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