Pamasahe (2022 film)


Pamasahe movie in which A penniless mother, with her infant child, takes on a journey by land and sea to find her husband in Manila. But this trip won't be free for she has to use her body to get to her destination.

Pamasahe Overview

Category Drama
Production company Vivamax (PH) , Viva Films (PH)
Original language tl
Runtime 1.733 Hour
Release date 2022-12-09
Rating 64%
Vote Count 13


Pamasahe - FAQ

What is Category of Pamasahe ?

Category of Pamasahe is Drama

What are the Production companies of Pamasahe ?

Production companies of Pamasahe are Vivamax (PH) , Viva Films (PH)

What is the Original language of Pamasahe ?

Original_language of Pamasahe is tl

What is the Run time of Pamasahe ?

Run time of Pamasahe is 1.733 Hour

What is Release date of Pamasahe ?

Release date of Pamasahe is 2022-12-09

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